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Heal trauma and unwind patriarchal conditioning to embody your power, pleasure, and purpose in a world hungry for your medicine.
Welcome, Beloved

Women often come to me when they, knowing or unknowingly, are traversing the Underworld. 

Swirling in the pain, the crisis, of an old life no longer fits, and needing to build the capacity to step into the new one not yet fully formed.
Without a trusted guide, and understanding the context of the Underworld journey and deep trauma resolution, can be confusing, disorienting, and difficult to make it to the other side. 

With a trusted guide, the journey becomes a rich and soul-filled alchemical experience. Your deepest wounds become your greatest medicine. And that reclamation allows you to step into the life you are meant to claim.

My work combines a deep understanding of the nervous system and alchemical trauma resolution mapped alongside patriarchal conditioning and the archetypal journey of women moving from Maiden to Mother.  


You're in the Underworld

You know the old life is crumbling, you feel lost at sea, adrift in the dark and don't know how to rebirth yourself.

You've experienced trauma

And now matter how much you try to 'move on', you can't seem to really create real resolution.

You have a hard time with sex and pleasure

And your body feels totally shut down.

You want to learn to say no

And fucking mean it - you know you need good boundaries to be able to grow into who you want to become.

You're tired of spinning

Questioning, judging, and criticizing yourself to the point of collapse, and it's inhibiting your ability to own your life and be present. You can't seem to get your head above water.

Your physical power feels inaccessible

You want to learn how to stand your ground, own who you are, and be able to make moves toward the life you desire.

Your system feels like it's in survival mode

You're never really receiving what you need. You're malnourished and can't seem to find your footing.

You still feel like a kid in a lot of situations

Even though you're a grown woman, you are still letting other people hold the power of your desires.

You're a passionate, soulful woman
There are so many ways women stay stuck in a culture that seeks to keep them infantilized. But there is a wildness, a raw power, a deep connection to your body that you can reclaim.

It's time to learn how to 
wield that power. 

When you can learn to speak the language of the body, when you know how to work with your nervous system instead of against it, you can alchemize old survival stress, create real repair, and awaken so much more of your power.

The power that is vital for you to own if you want to create a beautiful, regenerative, aligned life. 

that I support

women through








Reclaiming your safety, power, and pleasure after sexual trauma. 


Healing from Mother wounds / childhood neglect.

Unwinding the impacts of patriarchy to hold the magic of your womanhood.

Embodying healthy boundaries and really knowing how to hold them.

Unthawing shame and repression (around sexuality + creative expression). 

Growing up and maturing into your adult self to embody who you really are and make moves in the world.

Activating your healthy fight response so you know how to hold power rather than continue to collapse in your own life. 


If you feel called to begin this work, we'll connect for a free discovery call to make sure this work is right for you and discuss the best kind of container for you.

This is a no-pressure call. There is no obligation to work with me after we connect. 


If we decide to move forward, we'll work together at a deep nervous system level to create embodied safety and power.  And at a deep soul level to see, hear, and feel the truth of the life that is calling you. 


All sessions are 75-90-minutes via Zoom. 

In an effort to make my work more accessible, I am implementing a tiered pricing structure and expanding options for coaching packages. 

These tiers are based on your financial wealth and stability. I trust you to be in integrity with which tier of pricing is accurate for you based on the examples I’ve shared below. I expect your honesty and will not be asking for any financial proof. 



Tier One

10-SESSION / 5-MONTH CONTAINER: $3250 or $650/month 
6-SESSION / 3-MONTH CONTAINER: $1950 or $650/month 

You rent or own a higher-end property and other assets (vehicle, etc.), you make most expendable purchases without checking your bank account, you can vacation regularly, you have a partner or other support that contributes to your household income, you have savings and little to no debt, you have significant familial wealth and support. Your income is ~3x more than your expenses


Tier Two

10-SESSION / 5-MONTH CONTAINER: $2500 or $500/month 
6-SESSION / 3-MONTH CONTAINER: $1500 or $500/month 

You have a steady income, can regularly pay your bills and afford most of what you need (healthy food, rent/mortgage, health insurance, etc.), have some financial savings and/or have family support financially, you can vacation annually or every couple years. Your income is ~2-2.5x more than your expenses.


Tier Three

10-SESSION / 5-MONTH CONTAINER: $1800 or $360/month 
6-SESSION / 3-MONTH CONTAINER: $1080 or $360/month 

You are employed with some dispensable income, you have debt but it doesn’t prohibit your ability to meet your basic needs, you have others that are dependent on you financially, you have little or no savings, you are often pinched financially when paying your bills, you don’t come from family wealth. Your income is ~1.5-2x more than your expenses. 

Setting up a free discovery call will help us determine the amount of time/sessions that are best for you. I work with most individuals for 5 months to a year. Being held over time in a container helps support a momentum of healing that is different than a few sessions here or there. 

In special circumstances, if you are coming in with something very specific and just need a short amount of very focused support, a 3-session container may be right for you. Upon discussion, this may also be available for those that have fear/trauma around commitment and experience much more ease in being able to commit to less upfront. 

If you'd like to connect for a free call, fill out this short form below and I'll be in touch to schedule a call. 



" Working with Whitney allowed me to become the woman I've always dreamed of. "

"There was always something missing. Some fire and freedom that I had as a little girl that got smothered. All of the trauma and conditioning piled up, and no matter how hard I worked on myself, practiced yoga, went to therapy, that something was still missing. I was alive, but barely. Then I found Whitney. Sexuality was indeed the missing link, and connecting to it and using the embodiment tools that Whitney teaches to create wisdom, power, the capacity to heal, and the capacity to come to life all from my body. ... Working with Whitney has allowed me to become the woman I always dreamed of, the woman I always knew was inside of me. Women, if you feel that flicker inside of you, that faded light lifting its flame even slightly, say YES, and begin the next phase of your life."


If you’re interested in coaching, please fill out this short application and we’ll set up a free call to make sure we’re a right fit. 
Returning Clients

If you have worked with me previously, and you are interested in booking single sessions, the pricing structure is as follows.

TIER ONE single session: $325
TIER TWO single session: $250
TIER THREE single session: $180

If you’d like to set up regular monthly sessions or some other ongoing support structure, reach out here

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