Pleasure is the Pathway

1:1 Coaching for Creatives, Leaders, and Women who are ready for more. 

Deep 1:1 support in  sexual expression,

 creative freedom, 

& post-traumatic growth

Hi Amazing One, 

I'm so glad you're here. I know sexuality, body, and creative soul expression can be really tender territories to traverse, and I deeply honor wherever you find yourself in relationship to those parts of you in this exact moment. 

Some of the reasons you might be here:

- You feel super disconnected from your body, don't feel safe in your body, or have been at war with your body. A part of you knows that connecting to your body will offer you a deeper level of healing than talk therapy or other mind-based ways of relating to yourself. 

- You've been searching for help around your sexuality, but the mainstream information feels crazy unhelpful.

- You feel totally lost when it comes to relating to your sensuality, your pleasure, and your body. You feel shut down. 

- You struggle with feeling pleasure during sex (and in life), and you want to experience deep sexual connection with yourself or a partner(s). 

- You know there's more to life, but something feels off, like it's missing. 

- You've experienced trauma in relationship to your body, your sexuality, or your self-expression, and you are looking for a way to release and heal on a somatic level. 

- You are an artist, a creator, and you find yourself constantly questioning your choices, your value, your voice. You want to anchor into a deep sense of trust in yourself and your work. 

- You want to embody your wild, deep, powerful nature. You want to feel FREE.

- You've been a good girl - quiet, nice, polite, reserved ... and you're realizing how stifled you've been.  You want to unwind your people-pleasing and step into your authentic self. 


- You want to experience a deep sense of confidence in who you are, your choices, your work, your relationships.  


It starts by learning to trust the wisdom of your body. 

 Our sexuality & sexual energy is one of the most potent powerful, creative energies we can access. 

And yet, many of us feel stuck and disconnected. We feel numb from having experienced trauma,

toxic conditioning, and wounding around our sexuality, our bodies, and our soul-expression.

But what if you could reclaim your sacredness, your beauty, your sexuality,

your pleasure, your authentic voice?

So, how does it work?

It works by honoring your wholeness. All of you.


You don't need to be fixed or changed. You're not broken.​

But, some things you might need are:

  • Loving support & guidance.

  • Tools to help you take back the keys to your sovereignty.

  • A framework for understanding your body, your wisdom, and your power as a creative, sexual woman. 

  • Somatic guidance to work with and release trauma.

  • Practices to help you connect with your own pleasure, beauty, and magnificence. 

Because this coaching is deeply rooted in trauma-healing, we get to work at your right pace, in your right timing. 

We'll work with:



Love, safety, & belonging are three things we long for as human beings and keys to post-traumatic growth and creative/sexual expression.

Without the presence of these three things, transformation gets stunted. Together, we'll work to build layers of love, safety, & belonging to create the most fertile foundation for transformation to unfold. Not just cognitively, but in your physiology. 


Your sexuality is a portal for confidence, connection, power, and creativity! You'll learn sacred self-pleasure practices to help you connect to your body, activate pleasure, release old conditioning, and reclaim your wild, beautiful, sexy, confident self. And we'll be able to work with any of the deeper wounds or trauma that might be limiting your ability to connect with you sexuality and pleasure.


By reconnecting you to your sexuality and pleasure, you'll be reconnected to your life-force, Self-pleasure is your most powerful medicine.


Our true, beautiful, bold, alive selves are often stuck under layers and layers of frozen emotion. Emotions we didn't get to feel, that have become stuck inside of us, taking up immense space that's toxic for our system. When our emotions are stuck, there is a rigidness and a lack of full vibrancy to our lives. Through tantric liberation practices you'll be able to purge stuck emotions, creating more space, more freedom, more aliveness for your beautiful creativity. 


Energy is infinite. It's a constant presence that gets overlooked, and is essential to creativity & overall well-being. 

Rather than just working at the mind-level (like most coaching & therapy),  working with the nervous system, we can start to awaken more aliveness and more energy. We can build our capacity for more - more pleasure, more money, more creative expression, fearlessness, intimacy, etc. We'll be able to work through what feels blocked and stuck through your physiology to unlock energy that's been dormant. Through different practices, you'll be able to tap into and feel your own energy, to expand your capacity for your desires. 



We are all moving through life trying to re-write the wounding from our childhood. Your inner child is a key part of you, most likely keeping you from your greatest success and your deep desires, because she is working hard to get her needs met with outdated methods. You'll go through deep processes to liberate your inner child wounding, and activate empowered parts of you that can care for your inner child, and step forward into what you truly desire.

You'll work the muscles of sensing your needs, moving toward your needs, and receiving your needs. If we don't know what our needs and desires are, we'll end up with things we don't really want. 


You'll learn how to use the holistic tools of breath, sound, and movement to work with  your body, emotions, and sexuality in a way that creates deep connection and promotes powerful healing. Working with these modes of expression and connection will help you digest and integrate pain, trauma, conditioning, and deep belief systems, as well as allow you to lean into and work with pleasure, aliveness, power, and joy. Breathwork, movement, and sound can help bring the unconscious - what lies in your primal brain - into the conscious. 

  What's included?  

  10 90-minute 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions   

These sessions are tailored to you and your desires around your sexuality, creativity, and over-all healing.

Focused on experiential wisdom & embodied practice.

  Guided Audio Practices 

You'll receive guided audios for your own self-practice between sessions, such as:

breast massage, breathwork, self-pleasure, meditations, guided body-awareness practices ...

These practices will help you integrate what came up in our session, and/or support you in continued expansion and expression.

We'll work together to feel into what will be most supportive for you for the time between our sessions. 

  Email + voice memo support  

I'm available in between sessions if you need extra support, have something challenging come up, want to celebrate with me, or anything else. I'm here for it. 

  What's the Investment?  

The investment for 1:1 coaching is $3000 


Payment plans available:

3 payments of $1000 or 5 payments of $600

 Ready to take the next step? 

The next step is filling out an application. 

Once received, and I feel like it's a good fit, we'll connect for a free discovery call to make sure this work feels right for you. 


 Client Love 



"There was always something missing. 

Some fire and freedom that I had as a little girl that got smothered. All of the trauma and conditioning piled up, and no matter how hard I worked on myself, practiced yoga, went to therapy, that something was still missing. I was alive, but barely. 

Then I found Whitney. 

Sexuality was indeed the missing link, and connecting to it and using the embodiment tools that Whitney teaches to create wisdom, power, the capacity to heal, and the capacity to come to life all from my body ... it has allowed me to become the woman I always dreamed of, the woman I always knew was inside of me. 

Women, if you feel that flicker inside of you, that faded light lifting its flame even slightly, say YES, and begin the next phase of your life."


My work with Whitney has ushered me through the most transformational period of my life thus far. She opened the window for me to soften to myself and my experiences in all arenas in my life. While our work together undoubtedly helped me reclaim my sexuality as something that exists for myself, and something that can look and feel and be however I want it to be, it went way beyond that -- showing me how to know, love, and have compassion for myself at all times. I am so grateful for Whitney's gentle, encouraging, and accepting soul!


This work has undoubtedly changed my life. I have never felt more radiant than when I worked with Whitney.


I saw myself for the first time in my life, and felt a sense of confidence and self love that I never knew was possible. 


My life has been forever changed. I have truly fallen in love with myself, my soul, my body, and my sexual energy. Whitney is a truly remarkable force of nature. I feel full of life, light, joy, and love. It is radiating from me. Whitney personalized this journey with me and took the time to focus in on what I needed. I now have the tools and knowledge to continue this marvelous and delicious work. I am so proud of my pussy, my body, and the powerful woman I am today.



How do I know if this is right for me?

Our discovery call is an opportunity to make sure this feels like a true yes for both of us. 

This work does require a deep level of commitment. So if you're not ready to really commit to this process, the practices, and making this investment in yourself, maybe it's not the right time. 

This isn't about quick fixes, this is about deep foundational shifts. 


But if you're feeling an inner pull, a knowing inside, chances are you're in the right place. 

And if it's not right for you, I'll do my best to point you to someone who might be a better fit. 

I really want to do this, but I'm scared!

It's okay to be scared! It's normal to have some fear come up as you say yes to this kind of work. And, you are fully welcome to express any fear or resistance that may come up in our sessions. We get to meet the fear with love, care, and acceptance. 

We get to work with your body's signals, not against them. These sessions are not about pushing you into transformation. They're about creating the right amount of love, safety, and belonging, that your system starts to open to more possibility.

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