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Enrollment for THRESHOLD is now closed.
Next journey TBA

A 9-month initiatory journey to heal

the Mother wound and ignite

the fire of your truest expression.

Retrieve the fragmented pieces of your soul from the underworld, alchemize the pain of the maiden, and re-emerge with the power and purpose you can no longer run from.

You feel it, don't you?

The ache. The hunger.

For initiation.
To claim your adulthood.
To inhabit your full woman.
To bring forward the medicine that has been written on your soul since the beginning.

But your power is stifled.
Your voice is muffled.
Your gifts underground.

You still feel like a young girl in a woman's body.



You're restless.

We've felt the restlessness of our mothers, the insatiable hunger of the women before us, and now it's in you. You don't feel anchored. You're being pulled in 100 different directions. You just can't seem to make big moves toward the life you want. But you can feel in your bones that now is the time to go toward the hunger, rather than keep denying yourself. It's time to feast in the fullness.

You're caged.

Following the rules hasn't gotten you to where you wanna go because the rules are meant to inhibit your blooming, not encourage it. The good girl is starting to suffocate your power. The weight of external expectations is dimming your fire and you're scared it might go out completely if you don't figure out how to leave the cage. 

You're starved.

You are starving for the version of yourself that has been shunned, dimmed, shamed, and quieted to be able to come to the table. You want to be nourished, to be seen, to be celebrated by OTHER POWERFUL WOMEN. You've had too many experiences of people trying to tame you and take from you. And you've been taming yourself. You are ready to be FULL.

You're shape-shifting.

You can feel the way you are continuing to shape-shift. To become whatever version of yourself fits external expectation. To deny the thing you want, the thing you ARE. You are spinning in a shade of the story - "Am I good enough?" All this shape-shifting has you confused as to who the fuck you actually are. You want to use your shape-shifting powers for the work you're here to do in the world. The gifts you are meant to share. 

You need to grow up and into the psyche + embodiment of the mature feminine to live your truest expression.

She's calling.



THRESHOLD is a nine month journey into the Underworld to recover your soul medicine, create deep mother-healing, and move through the  initiation from Maiden to Mother. 


Resurrect yourself from the death grip of external expectations and birth yourself into the fullness of your adult woman so you can be who you came here to be

Threshold is

for you if









YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO GROW UP and you need a space that will call you into your adulthood. A space that won't let you keep wiggling around the woman you are being asked to become. No more collapsing back into powerlessness. It's time to wield your power. 


YOU HAVE AN ACHING DESIRE to express your heart's deepest medicine, and you know an initiation is necessary to do so.

You feel in your bones that YOU ARE AT A GREAT CROSSROADS - stay spinning in the maiden, or mature into the next phase of your life.

YOU'RE CARRYING THE WOUNDS OF YOUR MOTHER and internalized patriarchy and it's keeping you confused, questioning, and dimmed in your true expression. 

You've been able to accomplish some success in your creative endeavors, you know YOU HAVE DEEP MEDICINE TO SHARE, but you need support and an on-going space of devotion to really trust it.

YOU ARE READY TO LIVE, work, and create in a way that honors your body, that celebrates pleasure, that is connected to the Earth, your natural rhythms, and your deepest wisdom. To reclaim the feminine heart of life. ​

YOU'VE GOT BIG DREAMS, big desires, and you're afraid deep down that they aren't possible, they aren't meant for you, and you'll never be able to birth them into being. 

You've been doing a lot of self-healing work, but you've got a big suspicion that communal witnessing is a necessary component for this next iteration of who you are becoming. YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE.​ You can't keep hiding in isolation. Initiations are meant to be witnessed.




THRESHOLD weaves together the initiation of the Underworld + the ReBloom model of developmental growth for personal and collective healing.

This is a general overview of our time together.

THRESHOLD is a specific journey while also being uniquely crafted based on the women around the fire.



Orienting to the place we find ourselves. Naming what is in the way of full expression. Starting to touch the places of disconnect in the fabric of our power and potential. Unpacking the grand design of patriarchy and how it becomes internalized within us. Unhooking. Starting to lift the fog.



We are gathered to heed the call. The one that won't leave you alone. That just keeps calling. To meet the call we have to meet the places of abandonment and begin to awaken our natural worthiness. We have to be able to receive through healthy interdependence. We can't say yes to the emergence of our fullest, truest, most aligned expression while subsisting on crumbs. Healing the imprints of neglect. The Great Mother is the very beginning. 



Reckoning with the violations and ruptures that have inhibited our ability to trust ourselves, our bodies, and our natural gifts. Seeing, feeling, and acknowledging the ways our nos were buried and our yeses suppressed. Growing our capacity for healthy boundaries so we can protect and provide for the expression that longs to emerge. The grief of the Mother Wound and the way patriarchy taught us to abandon ourselves. The harm that must be named to heal.



We consciously step into the underworld, leaving behind the expected, the polite, the nice, the perfectly put together, to learn how to see and feel in the dark. We journey to reclaim the lost parts of self; sex, body, soul, earth, ancestry. To rescue the pieces that got cast out. To get low to the ground so we can hear the Mother tongue. Meeting the shame and repression that fractured our truest soul pieces and caused them to go underground. Until now. No more leaving ourselves behind. No more self-abandonment.



The farewell to the one who needs to be rescued. Who yearns for saving. Who needs to be told who she is and what to do. Leaving behind the false claims, the patriarchal death traps to find our own center. The Phoenix who sets her own funeral pyre ablaze in service to her rebirth. Dying to the old ways of being that prevent you from seeing and hearing your own truth. Saying goodbye to what keeps us from living lives that are in integrity.



Emerging from the cocoon. Returning from the Underworld, we start to blossom open, reorienting to the world around us as a new iteration of self. Moving from isolation to embodied belonging as Mother. Growing the muscles of healthy rhythms and rituals that keep us connected to our vitality, power, and knowing. Stabilizing so we can hold and nurture the soul pieces we just retrieved. 



Empowering new identity. The celebration. The new life. The one who knows. The one who trusts. The one who can follow her knowing. The nourished woman - The Mother. Healing the wounds of isolation and co-creating the beauty of togetherness and intimate belonging as Mother. Being seen and loved on the other side of your passage through the Underworld



The bigger, bolder sharing of heart medicine and soul expression. Anchoring into what is required in this new way of being, living, receiving, and relating as an embodiment of the mature feminine. The trust. The power. The deep alignment and integrity. Learning how to co-create with Life itself to offer yourself up for sacred service. Be used. Be moved. Tend your garden to cultivate power and abundance.



The continued devotion to Life and the way that Life moves through you. The embodied yes of your heart's truth and the support necessary to continue to answer the call. How does the woman in full bloom move through the world? How do we continue to see and celebrate eachother in our fullness, our power, our agency. What magic can we weave individually and together, if everyone's medicine is vital?


" THRESHOLD was profound
and life altering. "

Because of it I will never be the same, and am also more myself than ever before. I received archetypal initiation, the deep feminine connection and community that I’ve longed for, true nourishment, an abundance of life-giving reflection and support. And now, I am fully rooted and expanded in my fullness and this new phase of my life. Whitney and the spaces that she creates are life-changing beyond words.

THRESHOLD is here to hold you through
the process of growing up. It's a bridge from who you have been to who you are called to become. From the young girl to the full woman.

It's a space for your gifts to emerge.

Everyone's initiatory path will be different, but these are some of the things we'll traverse together:

Mother Healing

It all starts with the Mother. We'll traverse what is required to start to heal this deep and original split both with our own mothers and with the Great Mother. We are returning to a deep spiritual nourishment that the patriarchal god cannot provide. Without connecting to the Great Mother, without acknowledging the wounds of our Maiden, we can not cross the Threshold from Maiden to Mother. The Great Mother is equal parts unconditional love and fierce love. We will spend time feeling the depths of her unconditional love so we can eventually receive her fierce love that is in service to our highest alignment.

Resourcing and Receiving

Building out the layers of support necessary for you to do the thing, have the thing, say the thing, embody the thing. We can’t go from hiding to full expression. We have to make the small and necessary moves of bringing in the nourishment we need, and starting to be seen by women who can see us, who we trust to see us, who will celebrate seeing us. No more skating by on scraps. You get to be nourished, resourced, and supported. It's time to receive.

Boundary Work

Boundaries are imperative if we are to be able to stand our ground, embody our power, and share our gifts. Culturally we are taught to have leaky and unestablished boundaries.  Restoring our healthy fight response so you can hold your own energy, your own power. Creating a healthy energetic field that lets in what's good & in service to your expression, and keeps out what extracts, harms, and doesn't serve.

Embodied Expression

This is not an intellectual journey. We are finding our animal body, waking up more of our inherent wildness, our feminine nature, our connection to the rhythms of nature. Moving through the dark, senses heightened.  Expressing through movement, sound, touch, breath to be with and alchemize the grief, the rage, the fear. An embodied untaming that will help you build the capacity to lean into bigger risk.  

Creative Vulnerability

Creating the space, trust, and courage to reveal your biggest dreams, your wildest visions. Allowing yourself to be seen. Trusting the pull of desire. If you were taught to dim your expression, your dreams, your inherent radiance, this is your dojo. No more just wishing to your journal. You’re going to name it. Claim it. And be supported and celebrate in the process.

Devotional Practice

Cultivating healthy rhythms of practice and devotion, together. Moving, touching, writing, praying, speaking, singing, dancing, bowing before Life. You can’t think your way through initiation. You can’t intellectualize your way into reclamation. You have to keep coming to the altar. We’re going to do that together. Over and over again. So you can keep orienting to the love and power and ferocity of the Great Mother instead of the patriarchal nightmare. 

Connection to Body and Earth

Learning how to commune and resource more deeply with Earth, The Mother, ancestry, and body. We can’t do it all alone. We have to be in communion with greater forces. With energies and momentums that are bigger than us. The feminine is inherently connected with the body and the earth, so for our own mature feminine to thrive, we have to restore those connections.

Sisterhood Healing and Belonging

The unhealed Maiden has to compete, the Mother co-creates. Unraveling the layers of wounding around intimate belonging with other women that we all have. We get to start to learn a new way of being here, together. You don't have to compete when there's space for everyone's genius. THRESHOLD was intentionally designed to be a space where you can be seen in your fullness and belong. Where you can be messy. Where we can expand our capacity to be with ourselves and eachother in the wild ride of being human. Where you can express yourself and be embraced. Where you can bring more of your wild self and be celebrated.

an intimate group journey
for just 6 women.

This is an advanced group journey.

Space is limited to 6 women, so please only apply if you meet these requirements and this program feels like a deep yes to you.


THRESHOLD is for those who have been walking the path. Who have done a significant amount of healing and self-discovery. You have a solid foundation of support. This is not a beginner-friendly program. You will meet your edges.

The need for the Maiden to Mother initiation usually starts for women in their mid-30's and can continue into mid 40's. THRESHOLD is best suited for women in that age range.

The live group calls are mandatory. This journey is 90% live teaching and experience. It is designed to be a very intimate experience. Your participation is required.  No hiding in isolation. 

You must be willing to traverse unknown territory in service to your maturation and deepest aliveness. This program will weave together my work in the realms of embodiment, feminine reclamation, creativity, and trauma resolution. I'm showing up in deep devotion to our full power and possibility. ​

You are ready to fully step into your adult self and what that will require. You long to embody your wise woman, and take full responsibility for what you create in the world. ​

This program is here to help you more deeply express your hearts medicine. While you don't have to know exactly what your creative heart's medicine is (it will most likely evolve on this journey), you are ready to hone in on YOUR MEDICINE, and you have a strong sense of what that is.



ˈthresh-ˌhōld noun - the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or BE MANIFESTED.
"I received true belonging."

I am so much bigger. There is less seriousness, more flow, more ease, more grace. My work is easier, deeper, richer, more financially sustainable, and more fulfilling. I feel much more connected to myself. I feel a sacred deep magical unique connection with the Mother. I know the embodiment of her. I notice more of the good in life. I receive more of the goodness. Life can move through me less encumbered and from so much deeper within. I can be the safety in the room. I can truly align to life.




9-Months of Powerful Support



THRESHOLD is designed to be incredibly intimate, embedded with multiple layers of support, and the ideal amount of time to rebirth yourself. Not hurried. Not rushed. Not gone unseen. You will be seen + known here.


Opening Virtual Retreat


​Threshold begins with a 2-day virtual retreat, dedicated to orienting you to the journey ahead. We’ll anchor into the container and you'll get a clear understanding of the unique frameworks we’ll be using in this journey. This will also be a time for us to start to settle in together and get better acquainted.


18 Live Teaching/Experiential Sessions


​Each month you’ll have one live teaching (a combination of the spiritual, nervous system, and developmental skills required for each part of the journey), and one circle session where you get to bring what’s arising for you to the circle. Be witnessed, get support + reflection, and share together.


9 Rituals


​Each month you’ll have one ritual to EMBODY the learning. These rituals will help you shift out of your everyday personality and find deeper more essential parts of yourself. Rituals are a space for alchemy, transmutation, and deeper homecoming. 


Weekly Devotional Practice


Friday mornings we gather to commune with and attune to The Great Mother through song, dance, prayer, writing, self-touch ... we continue to come to the altar to remember, honor, and open.

Friday mornings at 10am cst (highly recommended but not mandatory)


3 - 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Whitney


You'll receive three individual coaching sessions with Whitney at specific points in the journey for deepened individual support, reflection, and healing. 


Intimacy Groups


You’ll be matched up in small groups of 3 to have even more support and really encourage each other along the way. Another space for healthy reflection, mirroring, and to rebuild the muscles of communal care and support. Unwinding competition. We’re not doing this alone. 


In Person Retreat in Mexico


A 5-day, all-inclusive in person retreat in Mexico where you will receive an official rite of passage initiation from Maiden to Mother. Every day will be filled with sacred ritual, song, and being witnessed in your Mother embodiment in one of the most beautiful and regulating places I've ever been.




APRIL 2024

A five day, all-inclusive in person retreat in San Fransico, Nayarit, Mexico. The official crossing from Maiden to Mother. Powerful ritual, initiation rites, wild celebration, and time to honor and witness each other in the journey we've been on together. A full experience of emerging from the Underworld.

" ... I am able to trust what wants to come through."

I walk taller now. I know my sacredness of living IN my body. I can feel my sacred NO and the potency of my voice. I am full of love that never runs out. I am full of divine light and wonder, mystical beauty, my entire being worthy, deserving, sensational and, I get to live IN HER, HERE! NOW!

Opening to the suppressed rage within, finding this artistic well of emotions & creativity, I am able to trust what wants to come through. The hearts and souls of each of these women, journeying together in safety, cultivated by the epic wonder herself, Whitney Ullom, allowed me to trust in doing less. I am magnetic and need to do nothing. I am enough right here, right now.


I had been working to heal the wounds around my mother for decades.


It wasn't until I went even deeper, back to the original split - from the Great Mother - that I could really step into myself. It wasn't until I found the Mother in me that I could start to love my own mother rather than always feeling wounded by her.  It wasn't until I went through this initiation from Maiden to Mother that I could start to step into who I was without feeling like I was under the weight of her unrealized dreams, the ways patriarchy stripped her of these rites of passage, the way this culture failed her - and me.

It has failed all of us. But we can be an active participant in the forging of the future when we consciously cross the threshold and move from Maiden to Mother. When we acknowledge the wounds and fill in the places of lack with the deep river of love that the Great Mother provides. 

I want you to know Her love.

I want you to know Her power.

I want you to choose the journey - to grow up and into your full bloom.

Not to arrive at some perfect destination. But to show up with courage so we don't surrender our chance to participate with and in the beautiful, the mysterious, the necessary, the needed that can only emerge from us.


In a culture that seeks to keep us infantilized, the world needs adult women.  



"A choice confronts us. Shall we, as we feel our foundations shaking, withdraw in anxiety and panic? Frightened by the los of our familiar mooring places, shall we become paralyzed and cover our inaction with apathy? If we do those things, we will have surrendered our chance to participate in the forming of the future." 

Rollo May, The Courage to Create

Let's journey together.

It's time to follow the call

of your one deep heart.

Too many of us have been holding the unrealized dreams of our Mother. I know I was.

In a patriarchal culture, we're all holding the wounds of separation. What I call the original splits from our feminine essence. We see it in our mothers and the grief is almost unbearable. And then it keeps us from our own journey. From reclaiming ourselves not just for our own benefit, but for our mother's who birthed us, and all the women before, and all the women yet to come. 



You need a village.

One of the biggest, deepest challenges I see for many powerful creators is getting the amount of external support and mirroring that they need to start to really expand and share themselves in shameless, big ways. If we weren't fully seen, celebrated, and encouraged in our gifts as little ones, that need is still waiting to be met.


But what if you have a space of deep, supportive mirroring? A small, intimate group of women on parallel paths that could see, celebrate, and encourage you? Self-sufficiency will only get you so far, when feeling alone, isolated, unseen, and unheard is part of your deep wounding.

What if you could be in a space that held you in your highest potential, that saw you in your truth and wouldn't let you wiggle away from it?

Your expression isn't meant to happen in a vaccum.

If you've done a lot of deep self-healing work, chances are the next big part of healing for you is receiving and sharing your soul medicine and expression with others. 


That is a huge component of this group: intimacy, connection, community, celebration, mirroring, practice in our bigness, being immersed in a culture of shameless self-expression.


Tier One: $10k

$945 for 9 MONTHS or $709 for 12 MONTHS

*after deposit

You rent or own a higher-end property and other assets (vehicle, etc.), you make most expendable purchases without checking your bank account, you can vacation regularly, you have a partner or other support that contributes to your household income, you have savings and little to no debt, you have significant familial wealth and support. Your income is ~3x more than your expenses.


Tier Two: $8k

$723 for 9 MONTHS or $542 for 12 MONTHS

*after deposit

You have a steady income, can regularly pay your bills and afford most of what you need (healthy food, rent/mortgage, health insurance, etc.), have some financial savings and/or have family support financially. You can vacation annually or every couple years. Your income is ~2-2.5x more than your expenses.


Tier Three: $6k

$500 for 9 MONTHS or $375 for 12 MONTHS

*after deposit

You are employed with some dispensable income, you have debt but it doesn’t prohibit your ability to meet your basic needs, you have others that are dependent on you financially, you have little or no savings, you are often pinched financially when paying your bills, you don’t come from family wealth. Your income is ~1.5-2x more than your expenses. 

This is a big and intimate journey loaded with deep layers of support, potent teachings, sacred rituals, rites of passage, and big celebration.


This is not a journey for those that don't feel called to go deep in an advanced space. Please enroll only if you are ready and willing to make the commitment to this transformational work. 

If you are interested in joining, you must fill out an application.

Once I've reviewed your application, and it feels like a right fit, we'll connect on a call to ensure this journey is right for you right now. 



A 5-day all-inclusive in-person retreat in San Franscisco, Nayrit, Mexico.

An in person rite of passage from Maiden to Mother at the edge of paradise.


Learn more here.


I use a tiered pricing model based on wealth and income.

 Please  refer to the list below to see where you fit.


I trust you to be in integrity with which tier of pricing is accurate for you based on the examples I’ve shared below. 

An initial deposit of $1500 is required for all tiers.
9 and 12 month payment plans are available. For other financial questions, please reach out.

AUGUST 26 - 27  

SEPT 5 - MAY 28 2024

 APRIL 22-27





" I've never felt so loved on, so seen,
and so supported ... "

This Threshold experience was profound, life changing, and life affirming. I've never felt so loved on, so seen and so supported as I stepped out of my comfort zone to reclaim my truest, most essential self. This experience meant total, loving connection with other women as we all dived into some pretty deep waters. I'm so grateful I said yes to this journey. That small decision to take a leap into work that I was frankly scared of, led me to understand that there is an ancient divine feminine presence we can all tap into and access. I know I will continue to devote myself to this feminine power, her tenderness and her wisdom, for the rest of my life.



The regular live calls will be Tuesdays from 1-3pm CST (1st and 2nd Tuesday). The monthly ritual experiences will be Tuesdays from 1-3:30pm CST (3rd Tuesday). You have the last week of every month off for integration. The devotional calls are Friday mornings from 10-11am CST. These are optional but highly recommended.


This is a live experience. If you will regularly not be able to attend the live calls, Threshold isn’t for you at this time. If there are a few rare occasions where you can’t be present, that’s okay. 


If you feel a deep call, fill out an application and we’ll connect for a call to make sure this is the right fit for you at this time. 

If you have additional questions, reach out to


We’ve worked hard to be as clear + transparent as possible about what you are signing up for. Because this journey is limited to 6 people, it’s important that you feel this is a clear yes for you. There is a strict no refund policy on already paid funds. If for any reason you are unsatisfied or have some kind of emergency that prevents you from participating, we will discuss the right course of action.


Yes. It's an essential part of the journey. That's why the retreat expenses (accommodations + meals) are included in the price of THRESHOLD. Believe me, you wouldn't want to miss it. 

"I got to turn sorrow into gold …" 

Through the blossoming of my inner Mother I am better able to express in a way that is alignment with who I truly am. There is so much that has always been there but is newly realized. I do not need to try and fit in, I get to be me, and I belong. This journey offered me the opportunity to turn sorrow into gold and live with more shine. I get to be as free as a mockingbird, knowing that I can sing. Celebrations, victories, hurdles, detours, roadblocks, possibilities, wonder, trust, questioning, doubt, power, and deep wisdom … we go through it all individually, and yet together in safety and holding.

Answer the Call
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