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For many of us anger & boundaries feel like big edges. Outside the limits of our conditioning with few healthy examples to turn to, but territory that we know is deeply necessary for us to come into more of our power and maturity. 



Learning how to work with our anger, and have an embodied understanding of our boundaries is vital work if we want to come into right relationship to ourselves, others, the greater natural world.

Our suppressed anger is suffocating our aliveness and our capacity for pleasure, and chances are much of our anger is coming from violations to our boundaries.


Our inability to express our anger and hold healthy, enlivening boundaries, can keep us from:

  • the intimacy and relationships we desire 

  • fully consensual sexual experiences

  • flowing creative energy

  • knowing our needs + desires

  • awakened aliveness 

  • access to greater depth of pleasure and enjoyment

  • the nourishment we need to live into our dreams and desires


This space is for you if:

  • You have a hard time understanding your needs + desires

  • You have a hard time expressing your anger in healthy and empowering ways

  • Interpersonal dynamics often feel messy and unclear

  • You feel blocked to your sense of aliveness + pleasure

  • You often feel drained, taken advantage of, and depleted

  • You have so much you want to do + offer, but you feel stuck 

  • You have a hard time getting your needs met, and you feel like others needs always over-shadowing your own

When we start to come into right relationship with our anger, our pleasure and aliveness start to show back up. We start to experience more freedom, more choice, more agency, and a greater sense of self-protection. Our healthy fight response is online and available to us. 


When we start to come into right relationship with boundaries, we’re also able to experience an increased level of agency and choice. We have an embodied knowing of what serves us and nourishes us (and we’re able to move toward it), and we have an embodied knowing of what extracts from us, harms us, leaves us feeling exploited (and we’re able to move away from those things).


Coming into right relationship to anger and boundaries connects us to our POWER. The world desperately needs humans in their power and center as so much is collapsing, rearranging, and changing. 

  • How to track and understand your own nervous system.

  • How to work with your anger in safe, empowering + supportive ways

  • How to shift irritation + frustration into power + clarity

  • What a healthy fight response is + why it matters

  • How understand + honor your boundaries in tangible ways

  • Practical + powerful ways to find and hold your own center

  • How to understand your needs, desires, and edges for healthy, fulfilling relationships.


What you'll learn:

If we don't find ways to release and express our repressed anger, we'll become numb to our own life. We'll stay stuck in a baseline of irritation and annoyance without the ability to create movement and transformation.

When we don’t have an embodied understanding of our boundaries, and we don’t know how to sense them, honor them, we'll either:

  • Be in a cycle of extraction where we constantly feel taken from and depleted.

  • Or, we'll create such rigid boundaries that we can't let in the nourishment and support we need.


The Breakdown

The Main Classes

  • Understand and learn to track your nervous system through felt sense

  • Understand what boundaries really are, and how we start to honor them

  • Understand the intelligence of anger

Week 1: Nervous System Basics

  • Being able to sense boundaries in the body through somatic awareness and experiential practice

  • Mapping your relationship to 3 core facets of physical boundaries: space/time/touch

  • Working with energetic boundaries

Week 2: Exploring the Somatics

  • Creating safety to express anger

  • Exploring anger in doable, digestible ways

  • Exercises to explore working with anger in your own body

Week 3: Reclaiming Anger

  • Exploring the resonance of NO and YES in your body

  • Embodying radical consent

  • Connecting boundaries with power + aliveness

Week 4: The Sacred NO

Extra Support

Sacred space to alchemize all the learning more deeply together

  • We'll honor our NO

  • Alchemize anger into pleasure and power

  • Work with archetype to empower our capacity around anger + boundaries

  • Create space to honor & integrate the learning more deeply

Anger + Boundaries Ritual

After 4 weeks of learning and experiential practice + the ritual, we'll close our time together with a big q+a space. 

You'll get to bring your burning questions, and whatever needs extra support.

Closing q+a


The exchange for this 5-week exploration is:

$444 or 2 payments of $222 

This includes:

  • Four 2-hour main calls offering powerful teachings, frameworks, and embodied exploration

  • 3 hour anger/boundaries ritual

  • Bring it all q+a session


All sessions are recorded if you can't make it live. 

You'll also have the opportunity to book a discounted 1:1 session with me for extra support.




Use code 'READY' for $50 off through Oct. 19th


*If you are in a challenging financial situation, there are partial scholarship spots available. If you're interested in receiving a scholarship, apply here.



The course begins on October 25th and runs through November 22nd

MAIN CALLS + the Q+A Call:

Monday's @ 11am MST

October 25

November 1

November 8

November 15

November 22 (closing q+a)

The ritual will be held on Sunday, November 21 from 4-7pm


Can't wait to explore this powerful territory with you. 

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