Sexual & somatic healing for   

awakened personal power, deeper intimacy,  

and aligned creative expression. 

Most of us have been living our lives systemically disconnected from our bodies, cut off from our deepest wisdom, and living with experiences stuck in our physiology that are keeping us from being able to be fully expressed and live the kind of life we desire.

In love, in sex, in creativity - in all of the magic of life. 


When we can work with our bodies rather than against them, we start to come into deeper alignment with our unique & authentic essence and expression. 


We can start to feel and own our power, sovereignty, and agency. 


We can get out of our heads and into our instincts and intuition. 


We can start to experience the brilliance our own beauty, vibrancy, and aliveness. 

We start to understand that we came here to thrive, not just get by. 


Hi, I'm Whitney.

I'm a sex, love, & relationship coach, trauma-resolution guide (in training), breathwork teacher, and a life-long creative.

I spent a lot of years completely disconnected from my body, having sex that I didn't want, spinning in circles creatively, and feeling resigned to a life that was 'mediocre' at best. 

Because of trauma and conditioning, I experienced a profound lack of connection to myself, my needs, my desires. I was disconnected from my essence, from my magic, from my agency. 

I could subtly sense this powerful, fiery, creative, expressive part of me, but it was buried so deeply under shame and fear and numbness, I couldn't access it. 


Learning how to connect to and listen to my body, and learning how to heal and awaken my sexuality, brought me back to life. 

It gave me access to those parts of myself that I felt cut off from. 

It helped me find my voice.

It allowed me to trust myself.

It saved me in the most profound of ways.

Ways to work with me

1:1 Coaching

Looking for deep support around your own personal healing?


Customized sessions around

somatic healing & post-traumatic growth, sexual reclamation, and creative expression.

Learn more here.

Ready to deepen in your relationship?

Powerful support for couples around sexuality, connection, communication, and intimacy. 

*More info coming soon.

Couples Coaching

Online Courses

Ready to dive in to the power of doing this work in a group?

Discover courses & deeper group containers.

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Client  Love

"I can say at age 31, after only 8 sessions with Whitney, I’ve had my first orgasm with a partner instead of a vibrator. Something I thought my body just wasn’t capable of. This huge hurdle, however, was the least of what I learned in my sessions. I came to her for some fun sexy pussy talk, and was blown away by the depth of what I uncovered week to week. I will always come back to her for guidance on “coming home” and she has become someone I can trust and feel the utmost safety with."


"My coaching sessions with Whitney are potent and powerful. She is not only extremely skilled & professional as a coach, but has a deeply intuitive and nurturing presence. From the moment we begin I feel my whole body relax and my heart soften. Whitney has a natural ability for holding space and confidently guiding me into parts of myself I never knew existed. I feel safe, understood and accepted in her presence... allowing deep healing and transformation to unfold. I am profoundly grateful for my sessions with Whitney, she is truly a gift to this field."


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