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A 9-month initiatory journey for creatives to heal the Mother wound

+ ignite the fire of their true expression. 

It's time to step into your magic, your potent creativity,

the deep and wild expression of your heart. 

To come out of hiding. 

To share your medicine.

 To cross the threshold into your own becoming. 

No matter how much self-work we do, if we aren't able to sing the songs of our heart + create the beauty that is longing to burst forth from us and us alone, we will continue to feel stuck.

 We've felt the restlessness of our mothers, the insatiable hunger of the women before us.

You can feel in your bones that now is the time to go toward the hunger, to feast in the fullness that is ours to have. 


You are here because only the truest, deepest, most aligned self-expression will ever satisfy you. 

But, you can feel the way you are continuing to shape-shift.

To deny the thing you want, the thing you ARE. 

You're playing small.

Following the rules hasn't gotten you to where you wanna go because the rules are meant to dim your magic, not encourage it. 

The whole world is telling you to be satisfied,

but you are HUNGRY. 


You are starving for the version of yourself that has been shunned, dimmed, shamed, quieted, caged, to be able to come to the table. 

To be nourished, to be seen, to be celebrated. 


We will never be able to express our deepest truths, shine brightly + shamelessly, to thrive in our full potential, without healing the Mother Wound

Creativity + the Mother Wound

Many of us are holding the unrealized dreams of our Mother. 

There may even be a deep part of us that believes our very existence is the reason she didn't get to realize her potential. 

The mother wound relates to so much of our heartache, our self-doubt, our challenges around our ability to fully self-express in the world and share our unique gifts. 

We may feel like we stop and start. We can't sustain the energy and power required to move beyond this seemingly fated ceiling of possibility.

To go beyond where our mother's were able to go,

and claim the Mother in us, is a great Threshold crossing. 

This journey requires us to break the contracts we made as young ones to dim ourselves, keep ourselves small and hiding, so we didn't hurt or threaten our mothers, so we didn't make her feel abandoned or turned against when we could already so deeply sense the pain of her sacrifices and her unfinished dreams.

As young ones, if our inherent spark, our creative genius, our full expression was not received, we have no choice but to dim who we are.

Mother is the foundation of the world that we start to build for ourselves. 

Her body, her emotional landscape, her nourishment, her vibrancy sets the imprint for us. 

If our Mother's did not deal with their heartbreak, their grief, their trauma, their anger, it gets piled on to us. The next in line. 

But there's a different reality that we can create.

It is time to give back the pain that is not yours to carry. 

To break the spell.

To claim your voice. 

To follow the call of your one deep heart. 

To do what your Mother before you, couldn't do.

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is for you if...

  • You have an aching desire to express your heart's deepest medicine, and you know there's an initiation that's necessary to do so. 

  • You feel in your bones like you are at a great crossroads - stay the same, or break free. 

  • You know you are carrying the wounds of your Mother, and it's keeping you small, dimmed, and hiding from your true expression. 

  • You've been able to accomplish some success in your creative endeavors, you know you have deep medicine to share, but you need support to take it to the next level. 

  • You are ready to work, live, and create in a way that honors your body, that celebrates pleasure, that is connected to the Earth, your natural rhythms, and your deepest wisdom. To reclaim the feminine heart of life. 

  • You've got big dreams, big desires, and you're afraid deep down that they aren't possible, they aren't meant for you, and you'll never be able to birth them into being. 

  • You've been doing a lot of self-healing work, but you've got a big suspicion that community is a necessary component for this next iteration of who you are becoming. You can't do it alone.​



ˈthresh-ˌhōld noun - the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.


At some point you will need a village. Because, the truth is, you've always needed one.

One of the biggest, deepest challenges I see for many powerful creators is getting the amount of external support and mirroring that they need to start to really expand and share themselves in shameless, big ways.

If we weren't fully seen, celebrated, and encouraged in our gifts as little ones, that need is still waiting to be met. 

But what if you have a space of deep, supportive mirroring?
A small, intimate group of women on familiar paths that could see, celebrate, and encourage you?

Self-sufficiency will only get you so far, when feeling alone, isolated, unseen, and unheard
is part of your deep wounding.

Our creative expression is not meant to happen in a vacuum. 

If you've done a lot of deep self-healing work, chances are the next big part of healing for you is receiving and sharing your soul medicine and expression with others. 

That is a huge component of this group: intimacy, connection, community, celebration, mirroring, practice in our bigness, being immersed in a culture of shameless self-expression.




MONTH 1: The Knowing

There has been a disconnect in the fabric of our power and potential.

We know we are beckoned toward our own full expression.

The devotion of our deepest center. Naming what is in the way of that full expression. 

MONTH 2: The Call

We are gathered to heed the call.

To say yes to the emergence of our fullest, truest, most aligned expression, and what it will ask of us. Fortifying the courage and devotion required. 

MONTH 3:  The Reckoning

The grief of the Mother Wound. The soul wounds of the child who was not seen, heard, and loved in the way she needed for her radiance to shine without shame. The wounds of internalized patriarchy.

The harm that must be named to heal. 

MONTH 4: The Descent

We submerge underneath the expected, call upon our courage to reclaim the lost parts of self. Sex, body, soul, earth, ancestry. 

To rescue the pieces that got cast out. To trust ourselves to leave the Maiden behind. 

MONTH 5: The Death

The farewell to the one who seeks outside. Who yearns for saving. Who needs to be told who she is and what to do.

Leaving behind the false claims, the death trap of the ‘external’, and center down and in. 

The Phoenix who sets her own funeral pyre ablaze in service to her rebirth.

MONTH 6: The Emergence

Returning from the Underworld, we start to blossom open,

reorienting to the world around us

as this new iteration of self.

Emerging from the cocoon.

MONTH 7: The Birth

The celebration. The new life. The Mother. The one who knows.

The one who trusts.

The one who can follow her knowing. Empowering new identity. 

MONTH 8: The Reveal

The bigger, bolder sharing of heart medicine. Of soul expression.

Anchoring in to what is required in this new way of being, of living, of receiving, of relating to life.

The trust. The power. The deep alignment & integrity. 

MONTH 9: The Integration

The devotion to sacred life and the way that life moves through you.

The embodied yes of your hearts truth and the support necessary to continue to answer the call.



is a container for your gifts to emerge, a bridge from who you have been toward who you are being called to become 

What you can expect from this journey:

Everyone's initiatory path will be different, but these are some of the things we'll traverse together:

- Mother Healing: It all starts with the Mother, and this journey takes you through the journey from Maiden to archetypal Mother.  

- Resourcing & Receiving: Building out the layers of support necessary for you to do the thing, have the thing, say the thing, embody the thing. No more skating by on scraps. Bringing in nourishment, learning how to receive. 


- Boundary work: Learning to really hold your own energy, your own power. Creating a healthy energetic field that lets in what's good & in service to your expression, and keeps out what extracts, harms, and doesn't serve. 

- Embodied Expression: Moving, sounding, and exploring in new ways. Ways that are more wild, more free, less tamed. Leaning into bigger risk. 

- Creative Vulnerability: Creating the space, trust, and courage to reveal your biggest dreams, your wildest visions.  Allowing yourself to be seen. 

- Connection to Earth & Body: Learning how to commune and resource more deeply with Earth, ancestry, and body. 

- Spiritual Practice: This is a space for you to anchor into your own healthy rhythms of practice & devotion. What replenishes you, what supports you. 




Threshold begins with a 3-day retreat, dedicated to anchoring into the container, why you're here, and what's ahead. 


A combination of potent teaching, coaching, embodied practice, and deep rituals. 

We're going to fully go there. 

We'll follow a 3 weeks on/1 week off schedule so there is space for integration.

27 calls over 9 months. 

Calls will be on Tuesdays (official time tbd) 


In addition to the group calls, we'll have an additional weekly space for devotional practice.


4 individual coaching sessions with me for deepened support.


Small group sisterhood support to encourage eachother along the way.

After all, we need other witches in our coven, yes?


6-day all-inclusive in-person retreat in Bucerías, Nayrit, Mexico.

Powerful ritual, wild celebration, and a time to really soak in the impact of the journey we've been on together. 

See details here


This is an advanced group journey.

Space is extremely limited, so please only apply if you meet these requirements and this program feels like a deep yes to you. 

  • You have done a significant amount of healing and self-discovery. This is not for individuals in initial stages of trauma recovery or therapeutic processing. You have a solid foundation of support. 

  • The Mother initiation usually starts to unfold for women in their early to mid-30's and can continue into early 40's. (If you are at least 29 and feel without a doubt that this is right for you, you may apply.) 

  • The live group calls are mandatory. This course will be 90% live teaching and experience. This will be a very intimate journey. Your participation is required.  No hiding in isolation. 

  • You must be willing to traverse unknown territory. This program will weave together my work in the realms of body, sexuality, spirit, ancestors, the Earth, creativity, and trauma resolution. I'm showing up in deep devotion to our full power and possibility. ​

  • You are ready to fully step into your adult self. To embody your wise woman, and take full responsibility for what you create in the world. ​

  • This program is here to help you more deeply express your hearts medicine. While you don't have to know exactly what your creative heart's medicine is (it will most likely evolve on this journey), you are ready to hone in on YOUR MEDICINE, and you have a strong sense of what that is. 


This is a big and intimate journey loaded with deep layers of support, potent teachings, sacred ritual, rites of passage, and big celebration. 

This is not a journey for those that don't feel a call to go deep in an advanced space. 

This 9-month program is $7500


An initial deposit of $1500 is required upfront, with monthly payment plans available for the remaining cost. 

This includes:

  • 2 retreats (1 in person, 1 virtual)

  • 9-months of groups calls to take you through the initiation

  • 1:1 support sessions for deep healing

  • Sisterhood accountability and support.


*The in-person retreat is all-inclusive, but you will have to pay for your own travel. 

If you are interested in joining, you must fill out an application. Once I've reviewed your application, and it feels like a right fit, we'll connect on a call to ensure this journey is right for you right now. 



For any additional questions, get in touch here

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Answering the call

This journey officially begins August 31st, 2021 and will go through May 2022.

See the full schedule breakdown here.

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Your Initiation Awaits ...

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