The Awakened

Woman Course

A 5-week group journey to awaken to your

deepest power & pleasure.

Next round opening Spring 2020

What if your sexuality was the gateway to reclaim your deepest power, and your most authentic self?

As women, we've spent too long in the dark.

Disconnected from our bodies.


Detached from our power. 

Separated from our pleasure.

Kept from our luscious creative nature.

It doesn't have to stay that way. 

The Awakened Woman online course is an exploration of your authentic sexuality. For you.

For your desires. For your dreams.

For your power. For your pleasure


Your sexuality is yours. No one else gets to define that, own that, manipulate that, objectify that, or be responsible for that. It's yours. And now is the time to fully step into the ownership of all that you are.


Body. Sex. Soul. 

As women, we are the ultimate creators. But most of us have been taught to hate and shame the parts of our body that are our greatest sources of power and creativity.  

But we can reclaim all that. We can re-write the story.

This course is for you if:

You're a woman who wants to step into your full empowerment

You want to live a fully turned-on life. 

You want to fully reclaim the power and beauty of your body

You know there is so much more than the sex/self-pleasure you've been having

You feel disconnected from your wild, feminine nature

You want to release shame around sex and your body

You constantly feel like your energy is depleted

You've done therapy and know there is a deeper level of healing possible

You want to experience more pleasure and greater depths of pleasure

You are constantly in your head and have a hard time being present

You want to move through the world whole and embodied

You have big plans, big dreams, but you feel stuck

You want to have life-altering orgasmic experiences

You want to know your worthiness and your power not as an idea but as a tangible, embodied knowing.

You want to feel free and empowered in sex and relationships

You want to own your desires and have the capacity to get what you want

You want to be a fully awakened woman

What this course includes

Each week you'll have a new module through an online portal, filled with information, self-inquiry, and self-practice.

You'll have guided audio practices to take you through embodiment and self-pleasure practices each week. 

The material for each week may also include:

- articles

- journal prompts

- videos

I'll even have curated playlists for you to inspire your practices each week. 

5 Live Group Calls

Each week you'll have a live weekly call with me where I'll speak even more in-depth about the content of the weekly module.

We'll get to dive in together in real time to unpack these concepts even more. 

I'll also address any questions in these

60-90 minutes calls. 

The calls will be Wednesdays @ 11am

5 Weekly Modules

5 Weekly Modules

In addition to the recorded self-practices and the live calls, you'll also have the opportunity to be guided through a practice live.

Feeling the energy of other women also saying yes to their sexuality and embodiment, while in the comfort of your own home. 

Private Facebook Group

You'll have access to a private Facebook group to share your experiences, stories and discoveries with other women in the course. 


 You'll also be able to ask questions about anything as you move through the course. 

2 Live Guided Practices

What we'll cover

  • How our sexual conditioning and beliefs affect everything. 

  • What it really means to come home to your body, and how to do it. 

  • Embodiment practices for the feminine. 

  • Creating deeper states of internal love, safety, and belonging.

  • Why pleasure is vital for empowerment and healing.

  • Unlocking more of your wild, primal nature.

  • Embodied boundaries 

  • How to expand your orgasm and pleasure.

  • Using sexual energy as fuel and nourishment. 

  • Using your sexuality to create what you want.

  • How to work with challenging emotions

 so they don't keep you from moving toward what you want.

Course Modules

Unwind your sexual story

Get to know your body

Awakening sensation

Module 1:



Module 2:

Pussy Connection

Pussy & body love

Intimate exploration

Embodied Safety

Module 3:

Pleasure Expansion

Yes to pleasure

Moving sexual energy

Meet your new sexual self

Module 4:



Digesting and releasing past sexual experiences/traumas

Module 5:

Awakening to Wildness

Sex magic

Pleasure as power

Worthy of your desires

I'm taking all of my experience in working

1-on-1 with women and compiling the most effective practices that I've seen get results for my clients over and over.

I'm Whitney. It's my job to guide women into their authentic sexual expression. After guiding 300+ private sessions with individual women over the last year, I've seen the journey that this work takes, the trajectory through which it travels. 

I want to be able to share this work with more and more women, because I truly believe sexual empowerment is the pathway to full empowerment, and I've created this course to help you awaken to that empowerment.

After working with so many women, I've seen what key pieces have to be in place for women to really open up to their authentic sexuality. I've seen what helps them awaken to their true nature.

I have put all my experience and love for this work into this course. 

This work works

"Working with Whitney has undoubtedly changed my life. As women we're born to believe that our gender automatically puts us at a disadvantage. Stepping into the world of sexuality coaching has shown me that it doesn't have to be so. That we don't have to be any of what society has deemed us and that the only view that matters is that which we have of ourselves. I have never felt more radiant than when I worked with Whitney. I saw myself for the first time in my life, and felt a sense of confidence and self love that I never knew was possible. I am so grateful to have met Whitney and the incredible beauty and sense of self she offers. This is a life long journey, but she has set me off on an incredible path of light, love, and acceptance. I'm excited to continue to grow and nurture all the lessons and practices have given me. I'm truly in continuous bloom."

- Hannah W.

"I have done other types of therapy and coaching in the past, but coaching with Whitney has been by far the most impactful work I've ever done. Through discussion and somatic practices, I've gained a deeper connection with myself and in my relationships. Whitney provides a safe, trusting, and loving space that compels you to get straight to the most important and difficult work, heal and release, and come out the other side thriving. She has a magical way guiding you to identify your deepest and truest desires. Besides holding powerful sessions, the recordings and support she provides between sessions allow you to really integrate the work into your daily life and empower you with tools moving forward. Thank you Whitney!"

- Libby C.

"Before our sessions I thought I was pretty aware and in sync with my sexuality but man on man was I wrong. Being turned on ALOT, having a healthy sex life, and knowing how to pleasure myself isn't everything. Sexuality is so much more than sex! And I know that now, because of our sessions! I feel in control of my sexual power, and I know now that I can use that wonderful sexy power for every part of my life. My pussy power is not just for sex, it is to strength my whole being. My head and heart so needed my pussy power. They are so beautifully charged now and the three of them communicate and are all in charge of my sexuality."

- Cayla G.

Be part of the revolution.


There has never been a better time for women to explore this work. To unwind toxic conditioning around their sexuality, to come home to their bodies, to fully step into their sexual autonomy and power. 

The world needs that. Desperately. 

I've created this course because I know what happens when even one woman starts to shift. The ripple effect is huge. 

This work creates so much love, healing, and connection. Not only with ourselves but within our relationships. 

I deeply believe it is the responsibility of women everywhere to awaken to their true nature and power. A lot of the women before us didn't get that chance. But you have it now.


Will you say yes?


This course is jam-packed with all the goodness you need to become a sexually awakened woman.

The best practices, advice, and teachings I've learned in both my trainings and my extensive experience leading women 1-on-1.

5 Weeks of Modules

Guided audios/videos for your self practice

5 Live Calls

2 Live Guided Practices

Facebook Group

Tools and growth that will serve you for a lifetime

Personal Investment: $397

Next round starts Spring 2020