Sex & Pleasure

in Times of Upheaval

Free class October 12th

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Join me Monday, October 12th for this

FREE CLASS on Sex & Pleasure in Times of Upheaval.

Join me for this free class as we explore what it means to be embodied in your sexuality, resourced in pleasure, and deeply connected to your body in times of upheaval. 


How do we cultivate a space of connection to ourselves in the midst of all that’s changing?

What are we anchored into?

How are we nurturing intimacy and love?

What place does sex have in times of upheaval?



This class will cover:

  • How to resource in pleasure for resilience 

  • Cultivating your own authentic sexuality and sacred pleasure practice

  • How to start having more of the sex you want

  • The power of sexual energy for healing

  • Using sex, body, and pleasure to move toward a fertile, regenerative world. 


Hope you'll join me.  

Monday October 12th

1 pm mountain time

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No upcoming events at the moment