Liberation + Creation:

Joshua Tree


February 22-26


We are living in a time where what we've been doing isn't working and we're being asked to forge a new way of being and creating. A way of being and creating that emerges from coming home to body, breath, earth, soul.

We are starving for spaces where we can take off the weight of expectations, put down all the things we 'should do' and 'should be', and connect to who we really are: wild, radiant, deep, sacred. 

And when we can gather together as women to do all of that, it is PROFOUNDLY POTENT. 

I hear from a large majority of women that they don't feel free. They don't feel fully alive, and they feel like something is missing. Like they can't quite access their innate magic, their creative spirit, their joy. 

So much of this comes from being disconnected from the magic of the body and the power that comes when women come into full ownership of the things about her that have been controlled, objectified, commodified, and criticized - her body, her sensuality, her sexuality, her pleasure.

So, this retreat is for you if you wanna show the fuck up, do some deep healing work around your body + sexuality, and embody who you are underneath the limitations.

5 days

4 nights

in desert paradise

What to Expect

This retreat is all about both PERSONAL & COLLECTIVE LIBERATION. And then being able to create, dream, embody, expand from liberation rather than the confines most of us have been trying to operate in and under. 

Through embodiment practices and sacred rituals, you'll connect to your inherent aliveness. Your magic within. And do it in celebration and healing with other women. 

All in a container that is trauma-aware, and consent-based so you can explore and discover in a way that feels safe and in alignment with your own wants, needs, and desires.

Some of what the retreat will include:

  • Embodiment practices for sexual aliveness

  • Body love and honoring rituals

  • Pussy reclamation practices 

  • Breathwork

  • Re-wilding practices

  • Consent/boundary work

  • Becoming the creatrix of your desires

  • Fire ceremony

  • Communing with nature

  • Collective healing

  • A lot of deep magic

  • & much more

The Space

A Desert Retreat Oasis

Cactus Moon sits on 2.5 acres of desert oak, piñon, and juniper studded desert on the north flank of the Little San Bernardino Mountains. Just up the road from the property is the boundary of Joshua Tree National Park and just to the west is the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. 

The property offers a stunning, unobstructed vista directly toward the tallest mountain in Southern California – San Gorgonio Mountain. Visible to the north are desert mountains that define the southern periphery of the Sawtooth Wilderness, with Pioneertown just beyond. 

The property has 2 different houses, a separate practice studio, fire pit, and a pool. 

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I'm Whitney. 

A sex and empowerment coach for creative women.


My mission is helping women unwind the trauma, toxic conditioning, and limiting narratives that keep us from our innate aliveness and freedom. 

I believe in helping women reconnect to their pleasure, their power, and their purpose. And, I believe women can not experience the fullness of their power without being connected to the sacredness of their bodies and the magic of their sexuality.

Why? Because I've experienced it for myself. And it was a retreat like this one that totally changed the game for me. 

It's vitally important that we start to come together in our opening, our learning, our deepening. That we come together and be witnessed in our radiance. That we learn a new way to be together as women, a way that we are desperately longing for.



This retreat is particularly for you if you are a creative woman, a soulful entrepreneur, a woman making her own way and you want to be deeply rooted in yourself as you make your art, your money, and your way in the world. 






All rooms are double occupancy with 2 beds



*Creative payment plans are available upon request

Testimonial from last year's retreat

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Can't wait to get wild with you in the desert!