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It9130 Bda Driver Windows 10 64 Bit




On Windows 10, the driver version for BDA is 9130. According to this post, It seems that this driver is only for Windows 10. However, the code below for older versions of Windows will not work. Otherwise, you will get an exception. 3. Install the driver and the drivers for the display adapter. Download the driver from the site: To install the drivers, you need to run the setup file. 4. Connect a USB microphone or audio recorder to the display adapter. If you have a microphone or other recording device, connect it to the USB port. If the display adapter is powered by the computer, the audio device is automatically recognized. If the display adapter is powered by battery, you must manually set the USB microphone as the audio device. 5. Select the audio device. Click the “Device Manager” in the Start menu. Find the “Sound, video and game controllers” in the “sound, video and game controllers” category and double-click it to open it. Find the “Multimedia audio controller” and double-click it. Click “change properties”. Click the “Advanced” tab. Click “change device”. Select the “USB microphone” and click “OK”. 6. Start recording. Now that you have the audio device set up correctly, start recording. For Windows 10, to send the audio to a Windows program, use an external audio recorder. For example, I use Audacity (free) to record my voice. 7. Stream the audio to the IoT Core devices. Copy the recording to a location on the IoT Core device, for example, the desktop. Open the File Explorer in Windows 10. Click the desktop. Click the bin folder (the gray bin icon). Paste the recording in the bin folder. Open a command prompt in Windows 10 and run the “adb connect” command. Run the “adb shell” command. Run the “am start-foreground -a -n -



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It9130 Bda Driver Windows 10 64 Bit
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