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The DVDs contain many of the same routines that are found in many of his books but in a format that allows you to see and perform the technique. Awards In August, 2006, G.L.M. The Magician and David Cole were awarded the West Coast Innovation Award by The American Library Association (ALA) for the DVD "The Ultimate Card Trick Collection." Publications Cole, G.L.M. (1997) The Ultimate Card Trick Collection. Columbus, Ohio: Cole, G.L.M. (2000) The Ultimate Card Trick Collection Plus. Columbus, Ohio: Cole, G.L.M. (2002) The Ultimate Card Trick Collection 2. Columbus, Ohio: References External links David Cole's Magic Website G.L.M. Cole's official Magic site YouTube: G.L.M. Cole's first appearance at Wizard Magazine'''s American Showcase event Category:Magic consultants Category:American magicians Category:1953 births Category:Living people Category:People from Broadview Heights, OhioQ: Accessing a character which changes before function call I have a string that contains a character c. Before I call a function, I need to be able to know if this character is "c" or not. Is there a way of doing this without storing this information somewhere or do I have to add this information to the string? string str = "c"; if (str[0] == 'c') return true; else return false; A: There is no function which returns a boolean true or false for a string. This is because a string is not an integer, not a boolean. You can do the following: if(str.size() > 0 && str[0] == 'c') { // the character is c } // not c or if(str.size() > 0 && str[0] == 'c' && str[1] == 'c') // The character sequence is ccc else




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Dan And Dave Buck Trilogy Torrent chazoldr

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