A self-guided journey to connect to your body, and awaken to your authentic sexual power & pleasure.

 Your sexuality is the pulsing living center of your aliveness.

It's a life-force that creates healing, capacity, and space for what is sacred.


With so much coming at us, so much rising to the surface politically, socially, personally,

with so much to feel and do and show up for, what do we anchor into for nourishment?

Pleasure is deeply healing.  It expands our capacity. It helps us nourish and connect to what we truly need.

It is a moving away from systems that deplete our resources and our energy, and into the space of

Wholeness, Beauty, Earth, Spirit.

But, most of us have never been taught the tools we need to connect to our own bodies,

our own aliveness, our own sexual power.  


Sexual healing is nervous system healing.

It's stepping into the territory of authority, sovereignty, agency

To be embodied, to be connected to our own goodness right now is essential for moving toward the world we want to create.

Sexuality is life-force. 

It's about power. Inner authority. Safety. Authentic expression. Deep self-love.


What if your body was the gateway to reclaim your deepest power and your most authentic self?

A self that is deeply needed right now. 

We've spent too long contained, questioning, waiting to be chosen.

Disconnected from our bodies.


Detached from our power. 

Separated from our pleasure.

It doesn't have to stay that way. 

Awakened is an exploration of body connection and authentic sexuality. 

For you.

For your desires.

For your dreams.

For your power.

For your pleasure


Your sexuality is yours. No one else gets to define that, own that, manipulate that, objectify that, or be responsible for that. It's yours. 

We are the ultimate creators.

But most of us have been taught to hate and shame the very parts of ourselves that are our greatest sources of power and creativity.  

But we can begin to reclaim all that. We can re-write the story.


This course is for you if:

  • You want tools and practices that support you to feel more connected to your body and your pleasure.

  • You know there is more to sex/self-pleasure than what you've been experiencing

  • You feel like sex is something that happens to you. 

  • You find yourself easily giving in to others desires without knowing/honoring your own.

  • It's hard for you to express yourself authentically (in sex, career, relationships, etc.)

  • There is a disconnect between your mind and body when it comes to sex

  • You are constantly in your head and have a hard time being present (during sex + life)

  • You want to be anchored more deeply in your own authority and power

  • You want to be a part of creating a new world where pleasure, body wisdom, and care are at the forefront.

What you'll learn:

  • How to build an internal sense of safety (one of the biggest keys for great sex.)

  • The anatomy & sex-ed lessons you should have had.

  • How to orient to pleasure.

  • How to expand your capacity for deeper, fuller orgasmic experiences. 

  • How to use sexual energy as fuel and nourishment. 

  • Holistic tools to unlock more of your wild, primal nature.

  • How to work through numbness and disconnect to create more pleasure and sensitivity.

What's includes & how it works:

*This course is now a 'go at your own pace' offering. 


6 Lessons

This course includes 6 modules.

Each module includes a unique lesson designed to deliver potent knowledge to help you shift the way you think, feel about, and experience your body & sexuality. 

Guided Practices

Guided audio practices, journal prompts, and other invitations to help you experience the learning in your own body.

Course Modules

 Module 1:

Coming Home

Working with sensation

Breast Massage

Body exploration

 Module 2:

Pussy Connection

Pussy & body love

Anatomy & Intimate exploration

Embodied Safety

 Module 3:

Awakening Expression

Sounding sensations

Working with emotions


Module 4:

Sexual Healing

Liberating sensation

Digesting past expereinces


Module 5:

Pleasure Expansion

Sensual Touch

Pussy breathing

Flowing with Pleasure

Module 6:

Awakening to Wildness

Re-wilding the senses

Sex magic

Shameless YES

Your Teacher


I'm Whitney. Sex, love, and relationship coach, embodiment guide, and post-traumatic growth facilitator.


It's my work in the world to guide women into their authentic sexual expression, a connection to their own magic, and the rich beauty of their bodies.


After guiding hundreds of private sessions, leading group retreats, and taking nearly 100 women through this course, I've seen the journey that this work takes, the trajectory through which it travels. 

I whole-heartedly believe sexual empowerment is a key to full empowerment.

I've seen what key pieces have to be in place for women to really open up to their authentic sexuality and feel fucking good in their bodies.


 I know because it's been my journey, too.

I used to believe that I was just one of those women who would never have great sex (or even good sex), wasn't ever going to have deep, profound orgasms, and would always carry sexual shame and confusion. 


But working with the tools I'll be sharing in this course, all of that changed for me. 

What past participants have experienced:

"The most transformational practices. I finally feel ALIVE. "



"This course welcomed me into womanhood at 26 years old. It was a delightful surprise and has helped me not only in owning my sexual/sensual experiences with myself and my partner, but has also helped me find weight and value in my own VOICE and using it! It's a beautiful practice I'll keep with me forever and I'll always be so grateful for what Whitney has introduced me to through the lessons. So much love and wholeness."


"I am more present to my pleasure. I experience more of myself in sex, in life, in a moment to moment way. Even my partner has said that he can feel more of me. I feel more freedom in my being, and more power in my ability to honor and listen to what is right and true for me.

Whitney is an amazing teacher and an incredible human being. I am so grateful I took this course!"



"It's a really powerful and life changing class that will reconnect you to your body in ways you didn't even realize was possible and for me has allowed me to slowly start owning parts of me that I was too afraid to let out before."




"This course is like an initiation rite into womanhood for any age and I would (and have!) recommend it to all womxn. This course reoriented my brain and my body to pleasure. I joke with my therapist that I'm a "junkie for the negative," because I tend to orient my thinking around what went wrong, where I could have improved, what pain I'm feeling. This attitude was present in my sex life as well - I was always waiting for something to feel wrong. This course taught me to look for and see resources and power in pleasure, and I've been able to apply that to sex. Subsequently, I'm learning to walk through the world in my own power and pleasure too, accessing gratitude and goodness when I need it most."


"I learned a lot about myself. Specifically, I learned that I played a big role in pushing myself to cross my own boundaries, physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally. I began to discover a whole new layer of what I want in sex, in love, and in relationship in general."


"Thank you so so much, Whitney. Honestly I won't shut up about you and your wisdom. I'm so grateful to you for taking the time to learn all that you have and share it with women who need guidance. I didn't think I had a problem with sex until you gently guided me towards my own stigmatizations. Now I know that slowing down is a good thing. Nothing needs to go fast. And ooze into that deliciousness."


"[I know ... ] I'm not alone in my craving for more goodness and pleasure, that my Desire is not only worthwhile but necessary, that I am okay in any stage of sexual self-discovery, that it's okay to feel closed off even as I open, that we are part of a systematic dis-embodiment of women and it is revolutionary to not work so hard."

Be part of the revolution.


There has never been a better time for women to explore this work. To unwind toxic conditioning around their sexuality, to come home to their bodies, to fully step into their sexual autonomy and power. 

The world needs that. Desperately. 

And right now is an even more potent time to go within and do our own work as the world we knew changes forever.

I know what happens when even one woman starts to shift. The ripple effect is huge. 

This work creates so much love, healing, and connection. Not only with ourselves but within our relationships. 

I deeply believe it is imperative for women everywhere to awaken to their true nature and power, to take full responsiblity for their sexuality. 

A lot of the women before us didn't get that chance. But you have it now.


Will you say yes?


6 Weeks of guided audios/videos

Transforming your connection to your body, your pleasure, your sexuality.

Tools and growth that will serve you

for a lifetime.



We all need support in coming home to our authentic sexuality 

This container is meant to support you in the realms of emotions, body, and how to navigate challenge, in addition to connecting to your authentic sexuality.

This is about so much more than having great sex. 

This is about feeling at home in ourselves. Coming closer to ourselves in this time, rather than further away. It's about exploring the inner landscape of the body, of intuition, of deeper inner knowing that arises when women are embodied. 


What could saying yes open up for you?