Join me Monday, April 13th for this

FREE CLASS on Anchoring in Resilience.


There is no question that we are in unprecedented times, dear ones. 

We are all riding different waves as we navigate what has been lost, what is now, and what's to come.


It can be really hard to feel what we need, where we are in space, and give ourselves real tools for support when many of our ways of regulating have been shut down, and we're facing a threat that can not be seen.


Understanding the nervous system and being able to connect to the body have been my greatest anchors of resource in dealing with challenge, healing from trauma, and navigating our current crisis.


When there is so much changing and shifting and coming in, we have to be able to metabolize and digest the emotions, the information, the impact. This is what creates resilience and allows us to feel agency.


It can be hard to navigate alone because there's no rule book for this. There's no pre-worn path to follow.

What I do know is that the body is where we can process, where we can feel, where we can anchor into our capacity. If we aren't in the body, that's not possible.

When we aren't in the body and feeling safe in the body, it's really hard to shift mindset, and get out of toxic thought loops. 

So this is an invitation to learn and practice together.


This will be a space to connect, to feel, to explore.

I'll be sharing some information and guiding some simple practice to help you come back into present moment experience in your body.


Connecting to the power in your body, accessing your center, and moving in ways that support agency wherever possible is incredibly vital right now.

Some of what we'll cover:

  • Nervous system states and how they might be showing up for.

  • Why your regular self-practices might not feel supportive right now.

  • Simple tools for re-centering

  • Attuning to your body and its needs

  • Invitations for guided embodied movement


Hope you'll join me.  

Monday, April 13th

1pm pst