I'm Whitney, and I'm a Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach, trained by Layla Martin and her Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, with a specialized focus in Female Sexuality & Women's Empowerment. 

I'm originally from South Dakota, and moved to Los Angeles with a theatre and creative writing degree to pursue film and television. I spent 10 years waiting tables, scraping by, wasting so many of my real gifts and talents, waiting for something to happen to me. Waiting for someone to tell me I was talented enough, worthy enough, important enough to be seen and heard in the world. 

It wasn't until I started working with and healing the deep wounds around my own sexuality that I was able to start really showing up in the world, without apology, and start creating the life I always wanted.

A life where I get to share my creativity, my fire, my voice, and these incredible tools, to be of service in a world that is desperately looking for a way to feel and experience aliveness and meaning.

I grew up with incredible amounts of shame and repression around my sexuality. I grew up feeling like my body and my beauty was what made me valuable, and they were a commodity I had to maintain for someone else. Because it was for someone else, I had no real connection to my own body, and I had almost no connection to my own pleasure. I felt like I constantly had to prove that I was good enough, worthy enough, anything enough to be seen, loved, and valued.

Not anymore. I know my value. I know my worth. I know my own love. I own my body. I know how to say yes to my pleasure. You can, too. You get to show up and shine so bright. 

It is my great honor to help you reclaim your body, your sexuality, your pleasure, your voice, your desires, your creative purpose.

The world needs you.