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Welcome, Beloveds

I'm not currently taking on any one-on-one clients. If you're interested in individual coaching, sign up for my email list to be notified the next time I have an open spot. 



" Working with Whitney allowed me to become the woman I've always dreamed of. "

"There was always something missing. Some fire and freedom that I had as a little girl that got smothered. All of the trauma and conditioning piled up, and no matter how hard I worked on myself, practiced yoga, went to therapy, that something was still missing. I was alive, but barely. Then I found Whitney. Sexuality was indeed the missing link, and connecting to it and using the embodiment tools that Whitney teaches to create wisdom, power, the capacity to heal, and the capacity to come to life all from my body. ... Working with Whitney has allowed me to become the woman I always dreamed of, the woman I always knew was inside of me. Women, if you feel that flicker inside of you, that faded light lifting its flame even slightly, say YES, and begin the next phase of your life."


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